Funding Your Business Goals

We help the right people get into the right equipment that will help them be successful.

We specialize in the following industries: Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Logging, Towing and Manufacturing. You don’t have to wait to get that much-needed piece of equipment for your company. With our fast turnaround, ability to finance equipment over ten years old and top of the line software, we can fund your loan as soon as possible.

Financing Commercial Equipment Better Than Anyone

Small business makes up 60% of the economy but often these hard-working owners, fall just outside bank lending criteria that may include the size of the transaction, time in business or a credit score just below the commonly established norm of a “670”. We have found a way to take these small business owners to the next level as we finance their next piece of equipment.
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Turnaround Time

After you provide all of the necessary paperwork, our average turnaround time is 1.2 business days!

Up to 100% Financing

We strive to finance up to 100% of the loan so you can keep funds available for fuel, insurance, payroll, and other operating costs.


Does your credit have a story? We listen! We often fund customers banks overlook.

$20k to $250K Loans

We fund loans between $20,000 to $250,000.

Customer Service

We believe one of the 5 “C”s in determining creditworthiness still includes “Character”. This is why we ask questions and listen carefully to potential customers prior to making a credit decision.

Se Habla Español

Tenemos varios agentes que hablan español con fluidez y estaremos encantados de ayudarle en sus necesidades de financiamiento.


Our mission is to help every business owner find the financing that meets their unique circumstance and situation. We want to be your strategic partner for the life of your business. West One Finance specializes in the following industries, financing hard collateral assets only.

We fund everything from the newest equipment to a gem that's over ten years old.

At the end of the day, we make sure you get exactly what you need as quickly as possible.
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Looking at a new piece of equipment for your construction business?

Yellow iron is our specialty. We can get your next piece of equipment funded before you start your next job.
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We Fund your Equipment, You Build Your Crop.

Agriculture is the backbone of America. Let us help fund your goals of growing and building your farm.
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Funding your next piece of logging equipment, Keeping operations running smoothly.

Logging is a lot of work. Funding your logging equipment should be easy. Let us help fund what you need to keep ahead of the competition.
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Solving Big Problems with Big Trucks.

Add another driver to your growing business and let us finance the additional truck.
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Your machines need to move fast. So should your financing.

Stay ahead of the competition by funding the equipment that will keep you ahead of the curve. Make sure you have enough capital to maximize your next opportunity.
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Serving All Western States!

*Except businesses domiciled in California

Client testimonials

Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception.
Read our testimonials below.
I choose West One because other lenders wouldn’t even consider me but West One took the time to meet with me in person and listen to my history in the business and found out what my plans were and what I wanted to accomplish and for me that is the best part about them.. who else takes the time to meet with you?

They are so awesome to work with if you have any problems or concerns you can pick up the phone and call and actually get someone that picks up the phone or if needed they call ya back... All my Lending need will go through West One.

Dave Stevens

Local Trucker

West One is one of the primary lenders we use for our dealership. We are very pleased with what they have done for us and our customers and they are on the top of our list when we are referring a customer. We recommend them to all of our local customers.

Mark Dubach

Precision Truck & Trailer Sales

This is a great company made up of amazing individuals. I’ve never experienced this kind of customer service from a financial institution. It’s nice to call and actually speak to someone who knows who you are, not just your loan account number. They actually care about our company’s success. It’s been great to do business with them. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company.

Green Can Cleaner

I give West One Finance 5 stars!! They provide excellent customer service and will finance older equipment and equipment that a lot of other financing companies won't touch. The offer straight up loans, they are not leases and no funny business, very honest and trust worthy finance company, I recommend you contact them for ALL of you financing needs!

Kyle Matthews

We could not ask to work with a better team than West One Finance for our lending needs. As loggers in the Pacific Northwest we run into strange situations and needs but they are always there to listen and understand. Expanding our operations over the last couple years has been a breeze thanks to West One. I would recommend them to everyone!

Colton Jacobson

West One helped me get my trucking business off the ground and now I am further out of debt than I was before. They were completely centered on helping me as an entrepreneur while most banks just declined me. The whole team was easy to work with and they took a very personal approach with my case to help me succeed. I highly recommend them to anyone.

David Wadman

Awesome company to work with! They are very friendly and willing to help when I started my business. They are very personable and know who I am when I contact them with anything and that means a lot. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs financing for equipment.

Joseph Jensen

West One is by far the most understanding yet professional establishments that I've ever done business with. The group at West One understands that every transaction is different, and takes that into account when conducting business. They have a firm grasp on what business owners are looking for and bring that product to the table!

Luke Alexander

Wonderful people. Were easy to work with I hope to have a business relationship for decades to come.

William Delahoyde

Recently Financed equipment through them. Quick friendly and they make everything easy. I will use them for a lifetime.

Horse Heaven Crane

We look forward to helping you fund your goals!

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